The Secret Reason You Are Failing at Family Devotions

(And What You Can Do to Start Changing That Today!)

Can we talk candidly for a moment about family devotions?

Honestly, I don’t know of any other topic that can make Christian parents feel like failures as quickly as the topic of family devotions.

Because we have ALL failed time and time again in this area.

Do you feel like you are failing at family devotions? It doesn't have to be that way! Here's one thing that you can do to make family devotions a reality.|The Secret Reason You Are Failing at Family Devotions | Path Through the Narrow Gate

If you are a Christian parent, you know that teaching your kids about the God of the Bible is the most important thing that you can do in your parenting.

There’s no question about this.

But yet, many times our mornings are too hectic to possibly squeeze in a couple of minutes of Bible time. Many nights go by when we are just too exhausted from our busy days to put in the emotional, mental, and physical energy to pull the Bible off the shelf and share God’s truths with our children.

And, far too often, these Bible-less days and nights turn into weeks, months, and even years.

Mother/Daughter Bible Reading Journal

A Simple Way to Encourage Your Tween or Teen Daughter to Read the Bible

Would you like to encourage your tween or teen daughter to develop a habit of daily Bible reading while also building a stronger relationship with her? Here’s a simple way to do just that!

Would you like to encourage your tween or teen daughter to develop a habit of daily Bible reading while also building a stronger relationship with her? If so, this Mother/Daughter Bible Reading Journal is designed to help you do just that!|Path Through the Narrow

Anytime that we desire to build a good habit, it is helpful to know that someone else is sharing this journey with us. Our children are no different!

I firmly believe that the best way to encourage our kids to read the Bible for themselves is to let them see us reading it and to read it with them.

The Mother/Daughter Bible Reading Journal is a perfect way to hold your daughter accountable, while also encouraging her to hold you accountable in your Bible reading.

All you need to get started is a notebook and a Bible.

“Mommy, Am I Really Saved?”

4 Questions You Must Ask When Your Children Are Struggling with Assurance of Salvation

Have your children ever asked you if they are really, truly saved? My children have asked me!

How can we answer them? Should we assure them that they are saved because they prayed the “sinner’s prayer” when they were younger? What if that prayer didn’t “take”?

Have your children ever struggled with assurance of salvation? Here are four questions you must ask them when they have doubts about their salvation.|Path Through the Narrow Gate

If we are honest, many of us adults struggle with doubts about our salvation. How can we guide our children as we talk about this vitally important topic?

How to Share the Gospel With Kids in Six Simple Steps

Free Printable Verse Cards Make It Easy

Would you like a simple way to talk to your children about what it means to be saved?

How about a simple way for your kids to tell their friends what it means to be saved?

Would you like a special gift to send home with kids who visit your Sunday School or Awana program?

These free printable verse cards are a perfect way to share the Gospel with your kids, or to hand out to kids visiting your Sunday School or Awana.|How to Share the Gospel with Kids in 6 Simple Steps|Path Through the Narrow

These fun Salvation Verse Cards are perfect for all of these needs!

3 TERRIBLE Ways to Respond When Your Child Questions God…

(Plus, 7 Really Helpful Responses.)

How would you respond if your child told you that they didn’t really believe in God?

How would you respond if your child doubted God? Here are 3 TERRIBLE ways to respond when your child questions God, and 7 Responses that are really HELPFUL.

Maybe you would say, “I can’t BELIEVE you would say something like that!”

Or, “After all the time I have spent teaching you the Bible, how DARE you question God?”

Or even, “You already got saved when you were four years old. I know that you are saved and on your way to heaven. Let’s not talk about this anymore.”

Mommy, what if God’s not real?

4 Truths to Remember When Our Children Question God

“I want to go to heaven, but I don’t know if I really believe in God. What if the Bible is not true? What if God’s not real?”

My sweet little seven year old daughter was looking up at me with her big blue eyes, waiting for my answers.

Have your children ever questioned God? It can be a terrifying experience for parents. This post offers real help.|Mommy, what if God's not real?|Path Through the Narrow

But, I didn’t have any answers. My heart was crushed by worry, fear, and disappointment.

I was NOT READY for my daughter to start asking these questions.

7 Steps to Get Back on Track with Daily Bible Reading

It’s February, and New Year’s Resolutions can seem like good intentions from the distant past. If your New Year’s Resolutions included becoming more intentional with daily Bible reading, however, don’t get discouraged!

A closer relationship with God through daily Bible reading and prayer is a goal worth fighting for! 

7 Steps to get back on track fea